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Ma at Ransoms 1957

Having recently posted an old photo of my mother, Lavender Ramus, in Ransoms record shop, 33/34 Bond Street, Brighton, in 1957, to the ‘Brighton Past’ group on Facebook, I received a comment from one member, saying what a lovely name she had, but also that her husband had relatives by the name of Ramus. This lady wondered, as Ramus is such an unusual surname, whether we may have a connection, she then mentioned her husband’s uncle, William Ramus, who is apparently in his 80’s, and his sister, Deirdre Ramus. This was enough information for me to get going, and while I already suspected our lines would not coincide, I knew of this particular family line from my earlier research, and enjoy a challenge.

The family line of William and Deirdre was soon unearthed in an hour or so, I had done much of the work a few years back, purely because so many of this family have names and dates similar to my own family lineage, and I wanted to be certain which name belonged where. Having happily given this lady the family line dating back to 1725, and a Louis Ramus, born in Cudrifin, Vaud, Switzerland on the 1st May, I then began fleshing out the family info. Without going in to too much family detail, I’ll list the direct descendants here:-

Louis, (William’s Great Great Great Great Grandfather)married Ann Hibberd (1740-1782), and they had 4 children:

Joseph Ramus: Born 1766 Bungay, Suffolk

Ann Ramus: 1769 Bungay, Suffolk

James Ramus: 1771 Bungay, Suffolk (William’s Great Great Great Grandfather)

Joseph Ramus: 1772 Bungay, Suffolk


After Ann’s death, Louis married Sarah Ann Cobbet (1730-) on the 21st Oct 1783. According to 1774, and 1780, UK Poll Books records, Louis was a ‘Cheesemonger’, in Charing Cross, London.


James Ramus (1771-1837) married Elizabeth Elmore (1869-1839), among their children, they had a son:

Charles: born 05-02-1800, Bungay, Suffolk


Charles married Sarah Rebecca Rudland (1802-1881), on the 6th August 1822, at Walpole, Suffolk. (Charles is William’s Great Great Grandfather). They had four children that I have traced:-


Charles Henry Ramus: Born 28th July 1823 Bungay, Suffolk (William’s Great Grandfather)

Rudland Ramus: Born 16th March 1830, Bungay, Suffolk

Alfred Ramus: Born 8th Jan 1832, Bungay, Suffolk

Ann Ramus: Born 22nd July 1836, Bungay, Suffolk

James Ramus death, 21st June 1837


Charles Henry Ramus married Maria Hall (1825-1903) on the 19th July 1846, at the parish church of  Lambeth. (On the marriage record, both Charles Henry, and his father, Charles, are listed as, ‘Carpenter’s’, for their occupation). They had 9 children, one of which was:-

Charles Henry Ramus marriage to Maria Hall 19th July 1846

James Ramus: Born 22nd April 1864, City of London. On the 1st August 1886, James married Jane Hall (1866-1915), at the parish church of Christchurch, Southwark, London. James’ occupation on the wedding certificate was listed as ‘Tea Cutter’. (James is William’s Grandfather). He and Jane had 12 children, of which 9 had survived to the 1911 census report, which found them living at 62 Windsor road, Holloway. James’ occupation here was noted as ‘Printer’ in the newspaper industry.

James Ramus marriage to Jane Hall. 1st August 1886

Their children living with them at this time, were:-


James Ramus: Born 7th April 1888, Islington. Occupation-  ‘Sorter’ Post Office

Charles Ramus: Born 1891, Islington. Occupation- ‘Musician’ Board Ship

Sidney Harold Ramus: Born 3rd April 1893, Walton. Occupation- ‘Barman’ Public House

Mable Ramus: Born 16th Feb 1895, Holborn, London. Occupation- ‘Dressmaker’

John Ramus: Born 25th Sept 1896, Holborn, London. Occupation- ‘Messenger’ Post Office. (John is William’s father).

Lydia ramus: Born 1899, Holborn, London. School

Winnie Ramus: Born 1901, Shoreditch, London. School

Frank Ramus: Born 1902, Islington, London. School

Bessie Ramus: Born 1906, London. At home

Walter Ramus: Born 1907, London. At home

Doris Ramus: Born 1909, London. At home

James Ramus 1911 census report.



When the 1914-18 war began,  James, Charles, Sidney, and John, all joined up.


James joined the 8th City of London Battalion, Post Office Rifles. Regiment Number-2401

Charles joined the 10th Battalion, Kings Liverpool Regiment. Regiment Number-4559

Sydney also joined 10th Battalion, Kings Liverpool Regiment. Regiment Number- 4560

John joined the Royal Field Artillery as a Gunner. Regiment Number- 45717


On the 25th May, 1915, James was killed in action at Flanders, and buried at Flers, Department De La Somme, Picaride, France.

James Ramus WW1 Effects, 1915

Sadly, the news of James’ death hit his mother, Jane, particularly hard. She had been informed of the dreadful news by letter from a friend of James, who had seen him killed in action. This news sent her in to a deep grief, so much so that she became depressed, leading eventually to taking her life by poisoning.

Jane Ramus suicide 1915 copy

On the 19th November, 1915, Sydney Harold was killed in action at Camiers, buried at Etaples Military Cemetery, Calais, France.

Sidney Ramus WW1 Effects 1915

On the 21st September 1916, Charles was killed in action in Flanders, buried at Flers, Departement De La Somme, Picardie, France.

Charles Ramus WW1 Effects, 1916


During this dreadful time for the family, their mother, Jane, also died, within a month of her eldest son, James, death. She was buried on the 22nd June, 1915, at St Pancras, Camden, London, Roman Catholic cemetery.


John Ramus survived the war, and was registered on the WW1 Service Medal and Awards Rolls, 1914-1920 as ‘Entitled to the Victory Medal and/or British War Medal granted under Army Orders’

John Ramus WW1 war record and medals roll


In 1929, John married Alice Dorothy Lowndes(1902-2001), at Islington, London


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11 Responses to “William Ramus family tree”

  1. Gerald Frost Says:

    Maria Hall is my Great Great Grandmother.

  2. June Connell Says:

    Hi there Wolfee boy……. June here from Aus….. after a lifetime of head in sand I looked into my fam tree. I assumed the Ramus was spanish and what a surprise. I found out today as is here its Swiss. My mum & I always loved the story of heidi…. lol

    ………. My mums dad, born 1900 in ballarat ,,Grandfather Baden Victor Hames known as Vic. ,mother was Ramus ., they came to Ballarat for gold rush I think,

    I think I am from this line……
    Charles married Sarah Rebecca Rudland (1802-1881), on the 6th August 1822, at Walpole, Suffolk. (Charles is William’s Great Great Grandfather). They had four children that I have traced:-

    Cheers June

    • wolfeeboy Says:

      Hi June,
      glad you found the blog helpful. It isn’t actually my family line, but I researched it as we share the same surname, my Ramus name, funnily enough, is from the Spanish ‘Ramos’. Charles Ramus (1800-1866) and Sarah Rebecca Rudland (1802-1881) had six children that I found:- Charles Henry (1823-1896), James (17-09-1825 Bungay, Suffolk, England – 05-06-1902 Ballarat, Vic, Aus), Rudland (1830-?), Alfred (1832-?), and Ann (1836-?). It looks like your line is from James, who married Sarah Amy Downer on the 20th October 1857 in Ballarat. If you’d like to know more just let me know, happy to help.


      • June Connell Says:

        Hi there Andy , so if you have the same name why would you not be from the same fam?? Anyway yes from those uu mentioned including James and the rudland line,. I too assumed it was from Spanish Ramos. we all have (or i did ) dark thick hair, BUT i have traced back to well got to the end of the line with my Ramus relos………… Wuillerme Ramus birth 1427..
        Seems the one who went to Uk was Louis Ramus from Swiss land /\.
        Louis Ramus
        May 1 1725
        Feb 1787
        Research this person

        BiographyView all
        Louis page in the household 1746-1789, but died 1787.

        His will only mentions Sarah 2nd wife and no children.

        Only his nephew’s Joseph and Charles.

        Facts (10)
        Montes Cudrefin Vaud Switzerland
        May 1 1725
        of St James the Less Westminster London England
        Age 39
        Marriage to:
        Ann Ramus (born Hibbard)
        St James Westminister London England
        July 15 1764
        Age ‎~44‏
        Birth of daughter:
        Ann Ramus
        London England
        Age ‎~46‏
        Birth of son:
        James Ramus
        Trinity, Bungay, Suffolk, England
        Age ‎~47‏
        Birth of son:
        Joseph Ramus
        Circa 1772
        Death of wife:
        Ann Ramus (born Hibbard)
        London England
        Before 1782
        Age 57
        Marriage to:
        Sarah Ann Ramus (born Cobbit)
        Surrey, England
        Oct 21 1782
        Age 61
        Charing Cross Middlesex London England
        Feb 1787
        St Martins in the Field Westminster London
        Feb 6 1787

        cheers if u wanted this, So what Ramus are u from?? cheers June

      • June Connell Says:

        lol sorry , i see u have a lot of this , but id be interested where u fit in with the same name , cheers June

  3. wolfeeboy Says:

    Hi June,
    my family line on the Ramus side were originally Ramos by name. They were Sephardim Jews, and came to England from Amsterdam in 1793, where soon after, they anglicised their name to Ramus. The Sephardim Jews had been expelled by Spain in 1492, during the reign of Isabella and Ferdinand, many making their way to Amsterdam in the 1600’s because of its tolerance towards members of the Jewish religion at that time. My descendants took advantage of a scheme set up to pay Jews to leave Holland, getting 150 Dutch Florins on the condition that they did not return for at least 20 years. It just so happens that my mob set up in London at around the same time as some of your mob got there from Bungay. As a result, I found myself having to research both lines to be certain I had the right people. Their is also another line of Ramus, who were attached to royalty/clergy, and their history goes back a long way in this country, one of whom, Benedetta Ramus, was painted by famous artists, but that’s another story.

    Hope this helps you June, and good luck with your investigations.

    All the best,


    • June Connell Says:

      Thanks for that Andy . I acturally thought we were Jewish background . My Dad always said I was a gypsy, so that fits. So by what you said then Louis Ramos may have been one of those Jews in the sceme.? I did see on another persons tree that there was his dad & granddad who was called Abraham, . His dates fit in with the expulsuon .. Its all pretty interesnting hey., cheers June

    • June Connell Says:

      Re-reading your story, I realise it is what my uncle told me, that he heard from his dad Vic Hames. That the family fled spain. I am thinking my line went through a simular push from Spain but landed in Swss country? Its a possibility. I would say all the Ramus would be from Spain and be originally Ramos.

      I saw the art works painted of both Elizabeth & Benedetta Ramus. I guess they may be the links to Royalty. I must admit when I was looking last night I saw many Ramus trees that my little line is linked to, and one being the British royal family & get this , Linda McCartney. Not sure how she is linked to me, but could be my dads mum , who was in usa.??

      What amazes me is all the Ramus’s have that thinck dark wavy hair.
      I am giving it a rest but when I am back at work I wont have much time for this. ‘ I will sow while the sun shines,

      cheers June

    • June Connell Says:

      Hi there Andy.

      Sorry replying so often. I dont really have any fam who are interested in our history.. I went to see the spanish link & i realised I had looked up the name some yrs ago. I saw then that the Christians were pushed out of Castile by the Moors. I guess as a Ramus or Ramos we were Jewish not Christians. and with Castile being a Christian town, maybe they pushed the Ramos out as they were Jewish. very interesting. I have to thank or not James for coming to Aus. Strange only one of the famly came to Aus./Thats what im going to look into. by the way great pic of your mum. cheers.

  4. June Connell Says:

    you have me intrigued , I love history & will be looking Ms Ramus. cheers June

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