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Utopian Times

August 18, 2017



Driving at snails pace through Shoreham High Street, getting dirty looks from foot sloggers wanting to cross the road away from the pedestrian crossings, a bus holds us up because it can’t get in the allocated bus stop bay owing to badly parked cars. So I’m waiting alongside a white convertible BMW Beetle that’s parked the wrong way round, the owner and his daughter just getting in, and the driver in front of me starts indicating, and her reversing lights come on. I have nowhere to go, and the Beetle driver can’t get out as I’m stuck alongside him.

Clearly the driver in front thinks I’m being difficult, she wants that soon to be vacant space, perhaps I should have got out and kindly asked the by now heaving high street traffic to back up to allow me to reverse and let the Beetle driver out, then wait for this individual to get the parking space. I hold my hands up and mouth the words, “where do you think I can go?”, to which she begins gesticulating to me by joining her thumb and forefinger in a circle, then making a sideways motion, back and forth, like she was milking a cow, or something like that.

She eventually shakes her fist at me and moves forward, indicating to turn left, and I mosey slowly on my way.  Later on, I took the parents and wee Freddie in to town to get a watch strap for Ma, and pick up the old boys watch, both from Ross’s jewellers opposite Coronation Green. The watch strap would take 15 minutes to sort out, so we repaired to the Tom Foolery coffee shop that opens out with a view of the Adur across the ever busy High Street, for a hot chocolate and rest for the aged P’s. The first thing that hits you as you sit down is the taste of exhaust fumes in there, really quite strong, but hey, what harm can that be doing you? Not sure I’d want to be working there mind you, gasping in all those exhaust fumes day in day out.

As all of this was happening, I was thinking to myself, what we really need are more people in this town, four car families preferably. Let’s get campaigning to build ever more estates, without improving the traffic flow, or infrastructure, just chuck in a roundabout here and there, think of the extra council tax revenue, and with the ever diminishing mortality rates caused by the pollution levels, a cracking turnover of humanity. But then I realised, someone has already thought of that, and it’s being put in to action all around us. How lucky we are to live in such Utopian times.